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IMPORTANT - Before you purchase, if the user needs a seat on the rollator then measure the user from hip to hip and add 2 inches to determine the width of the rollator itself. Also the height of the handle grips & seat can be important too for some users.


How Do I Choose the Correct Walking Aid?

There are many walking aids like crutches, canes, walkers, rollators, 3 wheel rollators, 4 wheel rollators and rollator and walker accessories to get you back on your feet and mobile again.

Active Mobility Lifestyle: For those who still have the endurance to get around during normal activities but require extra support during longer outings such as trips or any activity that might require you to walk or stand longer than normal should consider items such as: quad cane, basic cane, or standard adult rollators. Any of these products should give you that extra mobility to live a full and active life.

Limited Mobility Lifestyle: For those who have limited range when walking and completing daily activities and need more support and to create a more stable area for balance consider items that provide more support and comfortable hand grips. Some items suggested for this lifestyle include standard walkers, 2 wheel walkers with 3 or 5” wheels and 4 wheel rollators with breaks.

Very Limited Mobility Lifestyle: For those who have limited range and can only walk a few steps with risk of falling or shortness of breath consider an item with an extremely sturdy base that will not roll away from you. These types of walking aids should give you the support and stability to give you added endurance and mobility to complete daily tasks especially around the home.

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