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Recliner Lift Chairs for Sale

What is 2 Position?
For Sitting, Reading/TV
What is 3 Position?
For Sitting, Reading/TV, Napping
Infinite Position?
For Sitting, Reading/TV, Sleeping
Medicare Lift Chair? More Info ... Sizing a Lift Chair? Sizing Info ... Questions? Help & Info...

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Q. Where can I try out a recliner lift chair?

A. Many people try local furniture stores but call them first before you go over.
     IMPORTANT: We do not know of any furniture stores that bill Medicare.

Q. Where can I buy a recliner lift chair now?

A. See if your close to one of the warehouses ... If you need a chair fast then we may have a warehouse near you.

Q. What can I do if my old recliner lift chair needs troubleshooting and repairs?

A. You can can call us or use this online troubleshooting guide Troubleshooting / repairs for recliner lift chairs...

Q. How can I get help with sizing a recliner lift chair?

  A. Lift Chair Recliner Measurements / Sizing ...

Q. How do I select the best recliner chair that lifts? At EasyMedOnline we pride ourselves in offering the largest store of recliners that lift for any weight capacity and fabrics for any style preference. Our chairs are affordable on any budget starting at $589 with free shipping included on all of our chairs. When deciding on the right medical lift chair consider important factors such as the weight of the user, height of the user and the amount of time you will be using the chair each day. We cover recliners that lift that range from petite users up to heavy duty that can hold patients up to 700lbs. The most important factor however is choosing the reclining positions of your chair.

Q. Where are the lift chairs made? The lift chairs are made in the U.S.A.. Many of them are made in Pennsylvania but the manufacturers have many warehouses across the US in order to deliver the chairs faster to our customers.

Q. Do you have special lift chair pricing for Veterans? We have discount prices for everyone including Military Veterans & VA.

Lift Chair Sizes:
  • P / Petite for people 5' 3" and under and who are petite or very small build.
  • S / Small for persons 5' 3" and under that are of small build.
  • M / Medium for most people between 5' 4" and 6' and who are of medium or average build.
  • L / Large for most people between 5' 9" and 6' 1" and who are of large build.
  • XL / Extra Large for people taller than 6' 1" for persons are of extra large or robust build.
  • XXL / Extra Extra Large for people between 5' 6" and 6' 1" for those who are of very large or very heavy build.
  • W / Wide is for people who require wider than standard seats.

These basic positions are covered below in more detail...

Two Position Recliner Lift Chairs: Two position chairs are the most economical and are ideal for a user who won’t be spending a large amount of time in the chair. It offers the basic sitting position, 45 degree reading position and lifted position to assist the user to get out of the chair safely and easily.

Three Position Recliner Lift Chairs: The three position is typically the most popular and offers a wide variety of cushioning and fabric choices. This chair offers multiple positions such as normal seated, napping position and of course the lifted position to assist the user out of the chair. Although this chair does not go into a full flat bed position it gives the user a variety of positions to ensure great comfort.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs: The infinite position offers the most variety and variation for users who will be spending most of their time in the chair. This chair offers all of the standard positions of the three position, such as seated, napping, lifted as well as the option for the fully flat bed position and trendelenburg position for those who need their legs raised higher than the rest of their body to reduce swelling and improve circulation in the lower extremities. This chair also offers independent leg and back controls providing maximum positioning customization for the user.

Heavy Duty Lift Chairs: Heavy duty chairs are more durable than standard chairs, and have sophisticated lifting and tilting features, like 2 or 3 motors. They also have wider seats and can hold up to 700lbs of weight. Hence, they are perfect for people with a larger body structure.

Lift Chair Fabrics, Features and Options

Lift Chair Fabrics, Vinyl, Suede, Micro Fiber: Our stylish chairs come in a variety of colors and specifications to fit your personal needs. Each boasts a quiet and smooth lift system that will keep you from disturbing anyone. Many of our models include a heat option for those cold winter nights. Add the massage alternative and you are set for the ultimate in relaxation. Most chairs that will raise you up allow many of your own preferences regarding material that include Fabric, Vinyl, Faux Suede, Micro Fiber, and Blown Fiber, bringing you the maximum in the comfort you deserve. Upright, reading, or napping, the available variety of positions will always leave you feeling comfortable and secure.

What other elevating recliner lift chair options are available? Lift chairs can include options like heat and massage, infrared heat, 90 lb to 700 lb capacity, lift chairs for persons 4'8" to 6'8", 3.5" leg rest extension, extra pockets, full top grain leather covering every part of the reclining lift chair, full sleeper / lay flat, zero gravity, elevate feet above heart, straight up vertical lift, left side controls, memory foam seat, short seat, reversible seats, under arm compartments, tall backs, fabric guard, head pillow, side tray tables, in home delivery and set up.

Battery Backup: Several of our chairs are equipped with battery backup in the case of a power outage, giving you confidence in our commitment to your comfort and safety. Choose one of our custom chairs that is designed for you. We carry geriatric chair models for those 5'3" in height, to those who stand over 6'. Easymedonline.com also carries electric lift chairs that vary in seat width. Removable backs make our lifting chairs easy to move as well.

Choosing a chair:

- Positions: Two, Three, Zero Gravity, Infinite Position Recliners that Lift
- Seat Size and Weight Capacity
- Upholstery: Fabric, Vinyl, or Microsuede
- Heat & Massage: Seat / Back
- Backs: Seam Pillow, Button Back, Split Back

Lift Chair Manufacturers: We carry the best brands from Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies.

Recliner Chair with Lift Features: Browse our electric lift recliners with features like flip open arms (storage), lumbar support, leg extensions, wall hugger, transfer arms, pillow back seat, heated seat / back, heat and massage, separate leg & back control, and weight capacities from 100lbs to 500lbs. Some chairs can recline to full, reading, napping and sleep positions.

Lift Chair Suppliers: We supply medical lifting chairs to assisted living facilities / homes, retirement homes, Medicare patients and people / persons with limited mobility. We also provide reviews, guides, expert advice, ratings and evaluations for quality, usability and manufacturer specifications.

Easy and Comfortable, Recliner Chairs with Lift Assist: Chairs that can raise you up provide independence and comfort to people who face difficulties in rising from a sitting position. These motorized chairs rise slowly and tip slightly to enable the person to stand. The vertical lifting chairs come in different sizes and functionality, and are extensively used in various health-care facilities. Many can also be reclined to varying degrees for maximum comfort, while sitting for long hours. Geriatric chairs are perfect for people suffering from arthritis, muscle ache, back or hip problems, and other related conditions.

Automatic Electronic Self Lifting Chairs: Although automatic geriatric electric powered motorized lifting chairs have been around for some time now, our wide-ranging inventory covers the most contemporary and technically innovative lift assist chairs on the market today. Give yourself the ability to answer that phone or grab another cup of coffee without the anguish.

Recliner Chairs that Lift, Reduce Injury: Self lifting motorized chairs are quality investments for assured safety and can help reduce injury risk, and help people lead a comfortable and independent life. The people that use stand up assist chairs could have any of these conditions, such as those with arthritis, back problems, hip problems, knee problems, diabetes, stroke victims, shoulder weakness, leg swelling, neuropathies, and persons recovering from any type of surgery.